Celine Dion cancels her concert dates after disclosing an enduring health condition.


Celine Dion cancels her concert dates after disclosing an enduring health condition. Celine Dion has revealed that she has Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a rare neurological condition with autoimmune disease-like characteristics.

The 5.2 million Instagram users that the French Canadian singer has revealed the disease that causes her muscles to spasm uncontrollably.

She said that it has made it difficult for her to sing and walk, which means she won’t be able to perform at scheduled concerts in the UK and Europe next year.

“I’ve had health issues for a long time,” Dion admitted.

The 54-year-old said in an emotional video, “And it’s been tough for me to face these issues and to talk about everything that I’ve been going through.”

“Recently, I received a diagnosis of stiff person syndrome, a very unusual neurological condition affecting something like one in a million people.

Even though we are still studying this uncommon ailment, we know it is the source of all the spasms I have been experiencing.”

“Unfortunately, these spasms influence every area of my daily life,” she continued, “sometimes making it difficult for me to walk and preventing me from using my vocal cords to sing as I used to.”

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I hate to tell you today, but I won’t be prepared to resume my European tour in February because of this.”

In 2014, the diva announced she was putting her career on hold “indefinitely” as her husband, René Angélil, battled cancer. Her ballad My Heart Will Go On, from the Titanic soundtrack, won the Oscar for best song.

Although she resumed performing a year later, she took a break from the stage once more in the early months of 2016 in the wake of the untimely passing of both Angélil and her brother, Daniel Dion.

She ultimately made a comeback in 2019 by releasing her studio album Courage, which included songs with Sia, Sam Smith, and David Guetta.

It’s been a struggle.

The celebrity organized a world tour to support the album, but significant portions had to be postponed because of the Covid epidemic. This year, “severe and chronic muscle spasms” prompted her to reschedule the dates, which also delayed the return of her Las Vegas residency.

Meanwhile, several performances—including those in Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and London—have been postponed once more, and others have been canceled.

On Thursday, Dion told her followers that she was receiving “love and help” from her “beautiful children” as well as “a superb team of physicians working with me to help me get better.”

When the singer could no longer contain her tears, she thanked her fans for their support and stressed that she had no choice but to concentrate on her health. She expressed hope that she was on the “path to recovery.”

Is there a cure for stiff person syndrome?

SPS is a highly uncommon and poorly understood disorder.

According to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders, it is characterized by “fluctuating muscle rigidity in the trunk and limbs and a heightened sensitivity to stimuli such as noise, touch, and emotional discomfort, which can set off muscle spasms,”

Additionally, they state that abnormal postures characterize the illness, frequently bent over and tensed.

Because street noises, like the sound of a horn, can produce spasms and falls, people with SPS may be unable to walk or move or be scared to leave the house.

As a result of their frequent falls and lack of normal defensive reflexes, most SPS sufferers risk serious injuries.

SPS cannot be cured. However, some treatments, such as muscle relaxants and anti-anxiety medications, can slow its development.