One Piece Chapter 1105 Full Summary


*** Chapter 1,105: “Pinnacle of Stupidity”.***

Reader request in the cover: Carrot is making a soup for Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

Sanji sends off Bonney at the Vacuum Rocket and goes back to save Vegapunk.

Saturn tells Vegapunk that he ordered the destruction of Egghead’s evacuation ship.

All Marine battleships start shooting at Egghead Island. Saturn says he and Kizaru will remain in the island.

Cut to Nami, Robin (she’s sleeping) and Chopper. They are all at the back of Labo Phase.

Brook and Lilith are moving the Thousand Sunny by melting the clouds and sliding the Thousand Sunny to back door.

Zoro is still fighting Lucci (we don’t see them in this chapter). Jinbe goes where they are to break them up and make sure Zoro isn’t lost.

While Sanji is running back to Vegapunk, Kizaru flies up and cuts the Vacuum Rocket. Both Bonney and Kuma fall down.

Saturn orders all Pacifistas to shoot at them, thinking how pathetic is that they will be killed by Kuma’s clones.

Saturn: “This is the pinnacle of stupidity!”

In the final page, we cut to the Marine battleship that was sent by Saturn to sink Egghead’s evacuation ship.

The Marine battleship has been destroyed by an unknown enemy…

Surviving Marine: “Contact Kizaru-san at once!!

We need to tell him that “they” are heading to Egghead!!”

End of the chapter. NO BREAK next week.