‘Palworld’ Sparks Controversy as It Skyrockets to Overnight Fame in the Gaming World


The movie “Palworld” was an unexpected success and took the gaming world by storm with its hero, a cute gun-wielding animal. Developed by Japanese company Pocketpair, the game was a critical success, selling more than 7 million copies in five days on the PC Steam platform alone.

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However, with its rising atmosphere, Palworld also encountered resistance, especially from long-time fans of the Pokémon series. Critics pointed out the similarities in the animal designs, leading to accusations of plagiarism and even threats against Pocketpair. The controversy escalated further when a YouTuber tried to include “real Pokemon in Palworld,” leading to a lawsuit from Nintendo.

Responding to the controversy, Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe called the plagiarism accusation “hateful” and expressed concerns about criminal law. The situation escalated further when the Pokémon Company released a statement stating that they planned to investigate and address illegal Pokémon-related activities.

Despite the controversy, Palworld still enjoys huge popularity, with 8 million users selling copies in less than six days. While acknowledging the game’s undeniable success, The Pokemon Company emphasized its commitment to protecting intellectual property and maintaining the integrity of the Pokemon brand.

Pocketpair maintains its position, claiming that Palworld is inspired by fun games like “Ark: Survival Evolved” rather than directly copying Pokémon. Mizobe explained in an interview that the game was reviewed according to the law and that he did not face any legal action for the violation.

The Pokemon company attacked modders who tried to bring Pokemon to Palworld, and Nexus Mods refused to host Pokemon mods for this reason. Concerns about possible legal ramifications for Nintendo.

Despite ongoing controversy and legal uncertainty, IGN’s review of Palworld praised its fun, survival-focused gameplay and deep and engaging content. Even in the early days, the game was described as a partnership that provided unique content with familiar animal-catching gameplay.

As it happens, Palworld and Pokemon Company still remain important in the narrative game of achievements, controversies, and legal issues.