Pakistan Set to Unveil New Currency Designs Featuring Enhanced Security Measures


State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Jameel Ahmed on Monday announced the central bank’s decision to issue banknotes covering all groups. The main purpose behind this measure is to strengthen security and prevent the circulation of counterfeit money in the country.

In an informal meeting with journalists, Prime Minister Jameel Ahmed unexpectedly revealed a comprehensive plan to implement fake results. New currency notes of all tribes in Pakistan. This positive measure aims to solve the problem of black money in the country and demonstrates the fundamental point of the State Bank of Pakistan to reform the existing financial system.

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Prime Minister Jamil Ahmed said that the next certificate will include international security features and strategies developed to prevent crime. In addition, the design competition planned for February will play an important role in determining the beauty of future results.

The bank should be visible and expected to put bright colors, unique codes, beautiful designs and improve security measures. Prime Minister Jameel Ahmed assured the public that there would be no immediate impact and made it clear that the change would not repeat the sudden change that occurred in India.

This decision is a result of growing concerns about the spread of counterfeit banknotes across the country and shows that the central bank’s determination is not enough to protect the integrity of Pakistan’s finances.