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Rachel Shoaf and Sheila Eddy plotted the death of their close friend, Sheila Eddy, and then acted as if nothing occurred after acting as if nothing had happened after orchestrating the death of their close friend, Sheila Eddy.

Even the next day, Sheila tweeted that Skylar Neese would always be her best friend, and Skylar Neese replied with the same feeling. Sheila’s tweets were met with the same response from Skylar Neese. It was not until a significant amount of time had passed that it was found out that both of them had stabbed their best friend.

On July 6, 2012, her parents were informed that their daughter, Skyler Neese, who was 16 years old at the time, had gone missing.

At the time, Skyler Neese had been missing. Six months later, one of Skylar’s best friends, Rachel Shoaf, confessed that she and the other of Skylar’s best friends, Shelia Eddy, were the ones who stabbed Neese to death. Shelia Eddy was also implicated in the murder of Neese. Shelia Eddy was another person who was suspected of being involved in the crime.

Rachel Shoaf Now: Where Is She & What Happened to Her?

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Shoaf, who is currently 23 years old, went to the Monongalia County Circuit Court on May 1, 2013, and turned herself in to the authorities there. The teenager, who was prosecuted as an adult, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in jail; however, he will become eligible for parole after only 10 years. The juvenile was charged as an adult.

As of the year 2014, Shoaf was a juvenile inmate at the Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center in Wheeling, which is situated within the boundaries of the state of West Virginia.

The Lakin Correctional Center, which is situated in Mason County in the state of West Virginia, is where she continues to be detained to this day. In addition to her own incarceration at the Lakin Correctional Center, the other co-defendant, Shelia Eddy, can also be located there.

According to the information provided on the Lakin Correctional Center’s official website, the institution features the highest security and has the capacity to hold up to 543 prisoners. It is stated that the facility may be found at West Columbia, which is located in the state of West Virginia.

 Murderer Rachel Shoaf and Her Whereabouts

Skylar Neese, one of Rachel Shoaf’s closest friends, passed away on July 5, 2012, as a direct result of the actions of Rachel Shoaf. She was just sixteen years old when she carried out the act of violence, which was also her age at the time. The crime was widely covered in the media and caused shockwaves to travel throughout the country.

She had a nervous breakdown and then admitted to having done the offense, which led to her being found guilty of the crime she was accused of. Before stabbing their close friend, the friends agreed that they would wait until the count of three had passed before committing the murder, which they planned out in the science class where they were plotting the crime.

The reason for the murder was crystal clear: they had become bored with her companionship and made the decision to put an end to it by killing her.

 Who is Rachel Shoaf?

Rachel Shoaf, who was once thought of as one of the three people’s closest friends, is now a convicted criminal. This was not always the case. She was convicted responsible for the death of her best friend, Skylar Neese, and was given a sentence of life in prison as a result of the verdict. Even though the crime took place on July 5, 2012, it still remains a topic of discussion to this day.

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Rachel Shoaf was only an adolescent at the time of the questioned behavior, which she committed when she committed the deed in the issue. The fact that she was so young at the time of the crime made it only natural for it to gain extensive notice in the media.

The friends’ claimed explanation was that they no longer liked the individual who had passed away, although the exact reason isn’t liable in any way. This is not the reason that is to blame.

Students Shelia Rae Eddy, Skylar Neese, and Rachel Shoaf all attended University High School together during their time spent completing their secondary education.

The fact that Rachel is currently doing time associated with her sentence is proof that she has been unable to complete her education since her incarceration. This is supported by the fact that Rachel is currently serving time.

Due to the severity of the act she committed, Rachel Shoaf was given a prison term of thirty years. Those who were close to her were shocked to find out that she could ever contemplate committing a crime of this sort. They were stunned that she could even consider doing anything like this. 

What prompted Sheila and Rachel to take Skylar’s life?

Shoaf provided an explanation for their choice to murder their friend by claiming that they “didn’t like her” and that they “didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.” David Neese noted that these two girls were among the greatest friends that his daughter had and that Eddy had even supported the family by distributing missing person fliers.

David Neese stated that these two girls were among his daughter’s best friends. One of the individuals who David Neese’s daughter thought of as being one of her closest friends was David Neese’s daughter.

What exactly does it mean that we really did go on three?

“We really did go on three,” read one of the chillingly casual tweets sent out by the teenage girls who had just murdered their “best friend” and abandoned her body in the woods after stabbing her to death.

Rachel was thought to have the intellectual capacity to have a good future despite the fact that she participated in some risky activities throughout her adolescent years. Despite this, Rachel engaged in some of these behaviors.

Biography of Rachel Shoaf

The 6th of June, 1996 was the day Rachel was born into this world. She was born and received her childhood education in the town of Morgantown, which is situated in the state of Virginia. The 25th year of her life has now arrived for her.

Rachel Shoaf Now: Where Is She & What Happened to Her?

It was claimed of her when she was a child that she was a model citizen who did everything exactly as she was instructed. Her family tree reveals that she hails from the United States.

Their family name is Shoaf, Rusty is her father and Patricia is her mother. She takes after both of her parents. On the other hand, Patricia Shoaf was most recently thought to be working in communications, but it is believed that Rusty is employed in a clothes or apparel store.

During the course of the proceedings, there were questions raised concerning the ability of the kid’s parents to pay for the legal representation of the child. In the year 2014, Skylar Neese’s mother filed a lawsuit against Rachel’s parents in an effort to hold them legally responsible for her daughter’s death. The defendants in the case were Rachel’s mother and father.

The Aftermath of the Crime Committed

Rachel Shoaf, who was only sixteen years old at the time, hatched a plan to murder one of her closest friends when the three of them were enrolled in the same science class. They came to the idea that it would be better if they requested Skyler to slip out of her house so that they could go to an isolated spot, socialize, and smoke marijuana there. She and Shelia got to this conclusion independently.

Skyler made her way to the vehicle of her buddy, where she was anxiously waiting for her to arrive after escaping via a window in her house.

The goal was the state boundary between Pennsylvania and New Jersey, which was also a popular hangout for them and served as the dividing line between the two states.

After they had completed the task that they had set out to perform, they hid the body and pretended that nothing further of consequence had taken place after that point. Shelia continued to tweet even after the news was circulated to a large number of people.

Rachel’s mental instability got progressively worse as time went on because of the stress that she was under. She started acting irrationally, hitting her parents and yelling at the people around her. Her behavior became increasingly bizarre.

Confession of the Crime

As Rachel Shoaf’s mental health situation continued to deteriorate, she was eventually sent to a residential treatment center for those struggling with mental illness. It was at that spot that she very quickly admitted and confessed to the crime of having murdered Shelia, and she did it in the most straightforward manner possible.

She pointed the officers in the direction of the skeletal remnants of the victim, which were still missing at the time of their investigation. They had become dissatisfied with being friends with her and wanted nothing more to do with her, therefore this offense was committed because of this. The passage of time simply caused them to lose interest in her.

She initially denied any involvement in the crime, but then changed her plea during the trial to that of guilty. As a consequence of this, she was found guilty of murder in the second degree and handed a sentence of thirty years in jail. The only option for parole would become available to the defendant once he or she had served a term of ten years.

Rachel Shoaf Marriage and Relationships

Rachel Shoaf married another inmate when she was incarcerated at the same facility in which they both served their sentences. It has been rumored that she has married a female companion, however, there is no information available regarding the spouse at this time.

Rachel Shoaf does not consider herself to be a straight person. Even though she claimed to have been fooling around with a boyfriend near the church, many people believe that Rachel had an intimate relationship with Sheila and continue to believe that she is Rachel.

Rachel Shoaf stated that she was in a relationship with someone. In addition to that, similar information was found in Skylar’s journal.

Because it was discovered that both Shelia and Rachel Shoaf were gay, it is conceivable that their sexual orientation was a contributing factor in the decision to end their life by taking their own lives. Rachel’s family held very traditional religious beliefs, and because of this, she lived in constant fear that her parents, brother, and sister would find out the truth about her sexual orientation if they found out.

This revelation concerning the sexual orientation of one of the characters did nothing except feed the fires of controversy in relation to this component of the novel.

Other Facts About Rachel Shoaf

Rachel Shoaf is the lone member of her family, which consists of her two parents and no other siblings. Additionally, she identifies as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Before her conviction for the crime, she was in a serious relationship with a college freshman who was planning a career in medicine. His name was Mikinzy. You now have the full picture if you include the fact that Rachel’s family was also quite religious in addition to the other factors. Her mother was brought up in a Catholic home and remained devoutly faithful to the faith throughout her life.

This most likely played a role in her seeking to conceal the fact that she was sexually active.

The venue for her sentence hearing at this time is the Lakin Correctional Center, which is located in Mason County in the state of West Virginia. She will have her hearing to decide whether or not she will be eligible for parole ten years from the date that she was sentenced to incarceration. This hearing will determine whether or not she will be released on parole.

A tweet was sent out by Skylar Neese the day before she passed away, but it was too late to save her life. Her pals Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy were the intended recipients of the tweet.

The following is an excerpt from the tweet: “the fact that you would do something so stupid is the primary reason I will never be able to fully trust you.”

A search of the storage compartment in the back of Shelia Eddy’s automobile turned up a number of pieces of evidence, including the murder weapon and other items. Towels, bleach, an extra set of clothes for each individual, as well as a shovel, were among the supplies that were carried along with them in order to bury the deceased person.

The man was stabbed to death with one of the items, which was a knife that was also found on the scene.

The females were planning to stab their buddy at their usual hangout area, bury her body, change their clothing, and then head back to their house. They were wearing hoodies and had the intention of carrying out their plan. They intended to carry out their plans while donning their hoodies during the entire process.

Both of the females carried on as if nothing had happened the day before, as if the previous day’s events had never taken place. Even Shelia Eddy posted about her buddy, noting how much she was missing her and reminiscing about the good times they shared.



What are Rachel and Sheila doing right now?

Despite the fact that they are both 23 years old, these women are still being imprisoned at the Lakin Correctional Center in West Virginia. Sheila Eddy, who is now 23 years old, may be seen in this most recent mugshot. Now 23, Rachel Shoaf can be seen in this most recent mugshot.

Skylar Neese, what happened?

Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf murdered Skylar Neese in a remote section of the woods in early January 2013, and Rachel Shoaf brought detectives there. Despite her best efforts, she was unable to locate the object since it was covered in snow and she had lost track of its location. After Shoaf confessed, the authorities charged her with murder as soon as they could find the body.

What happened to Rachel Shoaf?

Shoaf was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 30 years in jail; she will be eligible for release in 2023.