The life story of Joe Martin’s wife: Amanda Martin


A former top executive in the banking industry, Amanda Martin is also a television celebrity and an entrepreneur in the business world. 

On the reality show Iron Resurrection shown on the Discovery Channel, she makes an appearance alongside her spouse as well as other cast members. 

She is a co-owner of the company Martin Bros Customs, which specializes in the construction and fabrication of individualized automobiles.

Amanda Martin Profile Summary

The life story of Joe Martin’s wife: Amanda Martin

Name: Amanda Martins (Maiden name: Amanda Jill Keathley)

Date of birth: December 11, 1973

Place of birth: Red Oak, Texas, United States of America

Age: 47 years (as of April 2021) Height: 5 ft 8 in

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White Marital

Status: Married

Profession: Reality TV star, a former banker

Net worth: $700,000

Amanda Martin Career

Before beginning her career as a well-known TV personality, Joe Martin’s wife spent a significant number of years working in the field of finance. She was employed for the American international financial business Wells Fargo during her time in the United States.

She began working for the company in March 2007 and remained there until December 2011, during which time she progressed through the ranks to become Vice President, Branch Manager.

After she left her position at Wells Fargo, she began working for Pioneer Bank. Prior to obtaining her current position as Deposit Operations Vice President and Product Manager at Pioneer Bank, she held the position of Assistant Vice President at that institution.

Amanda quit her job in finance to start working for the firm and TV show that her husband was producing. Her husband and she are co-owners of the company Martin Bros Customs, which specializes in the construction, refurbishment, and customization of automobiles.

She became a well-known face on television after the automobile shop her family owns was featured on the reality show Iron Resurrection, which was broadcast on the Discovery Channel. Amanda and her husband both appear on the show in the same capacity as co-stars.

As a direct result of the show, the popularity of Martin Bros. Customs has expanded, and the company now sells its own line of branded merchandise, which includes face caps, T-shirts, and other goods.

In the reality show Iron Resurrection, Joe, Amanda, and the rest of the group travel around the state of Texas in search of vintage motorcycles and automobiles that they can fix up and sell as brand new vehicles.

Joe, in contrast to his wife, has a significant amount of experience working in the automobile business. It is not his first time working on a reality show; in fact, this one is called Iron Resurrection.

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In 2004, he was given the title of champion of the World Championship Biker Build-Off competition series that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Amanda Martin Early Life And Education

Amanda had three brothers and sisters and grew up in Red Oak with all of them. They were all students at Red Oak High School. After she graduated high school, little is known about her schooling beyond the fact that she majored in something connected to finance in college.

After that, she found a job at a branch of the multinational banking and financial services business known as Wells Fargo in Plano, Texas, where she worked her way up through the company’s ranks to become a bank manager in one of the company’s many offices located around the United States.

It is one of the largest banks in the country and consistently ranks among the top earners on the Fortune 500 list. It competes with JPMorgan Chase, ICBC, Bank of America, and Citigroup for customers and is among the top earners in the country. She was employed by the corporation for a period of five years, during which time she amassed substantial wealth.

Banking Work And Transition

After that, Martin found work as an Assistant Vice President at the Pioneer Bank in Austin, Texas, where she remained employed for a period of two years. She was working in a much more modest branch of the bank in comparison to her previous job, but the experience she gained was quite beneficial.

After those two years, she was promoted to the position of Vice President of Deposit Operations, which she kept for another two years before being promoted to the position of Product Manager for the company.

She finally parted ways with the organization in 2017 in order to pursue other opportunities outside of working in an office due to her desire to do so.

During this same time period, her husband had recently won a competition that was broadcast on television. As a result of this victory, he gained sufficient notoriety and financial resources to launch his own company, Martin Bros Customs, in which he included his wife as a partner.

Their name gives the impression that they specialize in resurrecting or fixing vintage automobiles, although they are better known for the automobile modifications they create. Their third business partner was Joe’s brother Jason Martin, who specializes in marketing, and a close family friend named Jayson Arrington, who is also an expert in the field.

Iron Resurrection And Recent Projects

In order to support the operation of the company, the partners proposed a show to the Velocity Network, which was eventually picked up. This led to the creation of the show “Iron Resurrection.” The two individuals, together with other members of their restoration crew, search for damaged or abandoned automobiles and motorcycles in order to restore them and sell them on the program for a profit.

There is always a need for a second chance to shine for any vehicle, whether it be a rusted-out roadster or a broken bike. Outside of Austin, Texas, on the original series Iron Resurrection, mechanical master Joe Martin (the winner of Discovery Channel’s “Biker Build-Off”), his wife Amanda, best friend Jayson “Shag” Arrington, and their team at Martin Bros Customs are bringing old vehicles of varying types, configurations, and dimensions back to life.

During the course of each episode, Shag and Amanda travel throughout the state of Texas in search of buried and unpolished mechanical jewels to bring back to Joe and the rest of his coworkers at the store. Because of her demeanor and appearance on the show, which made its debut in 2016, Amanda garnered some notoriety.

The show has already been shown for three seasons and a total of 23 episodes, and the actors and crew are now filming the fourth season while traveling to different locations across the United States. The success of the corporation can be attributed to the television programs it produces as well as the partnerships it has formed with other automotive manufacturers.

Regularly attending automotive events allows them to network with a large number of prospective clients and customers. They have gained a few high-profile clients and celebrities as a result of the publicity they have received. A couple of their recent efforts, including work on a 1964 Lincoln Continental, a Big Red Bobber, and a 1973 Pontiac Firebird, have been highlighted on an episode of “Iron Resurrection.”

Depending on the client’s financial constraints, they can also buy automobiles for their customers and carry out custom builds for them. In addition to that, she has been pushing things that feature their company emblem. Some of their automobile-related works have been put up for auction in order to raise money for charitable causes.

The vast majority of people are under the impression that Amanda Martin plays a straightforward part in “Iron Resurrection,” but this is not the truth. If it weren’t for her extraordinary managerial talents, Martin Bros. wouldn’t be the successful company that it is today. In addition to running her own business, Amanda is also a cast member in the television show “Iron Resurrection.” The highlight of the program is the custom shop and the talented individuals who work there.

During the course of each episode, we watch the team as they attempt to restore and repair the many vehicles they come across. It currently has a total of 40 episodes. Amanda is one of the cast members that has been with the show the longest, as she has been featured in around 32 episodes.

In addition to Amanda’s husband Joe and series regulars Carl ‘Dirty Grande’ Large and Jason Martin, Amanda is frequently joined on the show by other members of her family.

Amanda Martin Personal Life

Despite the fact that Amanda Martin is married to Joe Martin, there is a paucity of the publicly available information regarding their relationship and marriage. They have a tremendous amount of trust in one another, which is evidence of the closeness that exists between them.

After Joe’s victory in the “Biker Build-Off” competition hosted by the Discovery Channel, he conceived the idea for the company.

The life story of Joe Martin’s wife: Amanda Martin

According to the sources, the couple has been blessed with three children together, and unfortunately, one of them has been diagnosed with cancer. By limiting her children’s interaction with the media, she ensures that their privacy is protected.

The family spends most of their time in Johnson City, Texas; however, as a result of the parents’ jobs, they are sometimes required to travel throughout the country.

Amanda Martin Relationship

Joe Martin, Amanda Martin’s husband, and the Martins’ marriage seemed to be going swimmingly at the moment. Although the pair routinely upload photographs of themselves on social media, the date of their real wedding is not yet revealed. It makes no difference when they tied the knot as long as they are able to look back on their married life with joy and contentment over a lengthy period of time.

Additionally, lovebirds Amanda and Joe spent valuable time together while traveling the world, which contributed to the solidification of their long-term bond. The couple adores animals and is the proud owner of two canine companions. The couple worked together on the Iron Resurrection show, and they were both participants in the production from the very beginning.

Additionally, the couple uses their respective social media sites to share images of themselves with their partner. On the other hand, there is no information on her children, and no post anything about them can be found anywhere on social media. On the other side, Amanda maintains a close relationship with both of her nephews, Luke (through Wendi) and Jake (born via Zack). She visits a variety of far-flung destinations all around the world with them, and she never passes up an occasion to brag about them on social media.

Her Husband, Joe Martin

When Joe Martin was in middle school in DeSoto, Texas, he would draw anything from Conan the Barbarian to cars to parent signatures on kids’ progress reports. His early artistic career began in middle school. After that, he painted helmets, skateboards, and bicycles before getting a position at a company that sells aftermarket accessories.

While he was there, he received training in automobile mechanics, and his coworkers became aware of his talents when they hired him to perform bespoke paintwork on their personal vehicles. Because he had such a large clientele, he made the courageous decision to strike out on his own and perform the special work that he had been getting through word of mouth.

Joe quickly came to the conclusion that he needed to expand his business beyond the confines of the back of his modest pickup truck. As a result, he began searching for a home that featured a sizable workshop in the backyard so that he could manage the increasing amount of work.

During this time, he invited his younger brother Jason to join the family business, which resulted in the establishment of Martin Bros. Bikes. Even though Joe enjoyed working on automobiles, he found that working on bicycles was far quicker and more efficient, and his customers never haggled with him about the price.

Amanda Martin Net Worth

It should not come as a surprise that the majority of Martin’s income comes from the fabrication and repair company that her family owns and operates; she has a history of being an entrepreneur. Due to the fact that she is one of the most senior executives in the company, she is qualified to receive a sizeable portion of the profits. Merchandising is another area that Martin Bros. Customs has explored and become involved with.

They provide a wide range of merch to fans for purchase via their official website. A flex-fit Martin Bros hat, which costs $25, and a ladies caddy shirt, which costs $20, are two of the goods that may be purchased. Amanda and her family are able to increase their income thanks to the products produced by Martin Bros. On the basis of all of this information, Amanda Martin’s net worth is approximately estimated to be $300,000.

Amanda Martin Social Media Account

Instagram: @mrs.martinbroscustoms