Rare Appearance by Blanket Jackson on the 65th Birthday of Michael Jackson


On a deeply sentimental day for their father Michael Jackson’s 65th birthday, Bigi Jackson and Prince Jackson took center stage to pay tribute to their legendary parent. The event unfolded with deep emotion on Tuesday as the rarely seen duo, 21-year-old Bigi (formerly known as Blanket) and 26-year-old Prince, chose Las Vegas as the backdrop for their touching tribute. Stepping into the limelight, they ventured into the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, a venue that held special significance thanks to Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE show going on.

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For an extraordinary sight, the brothers appeared at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, a haven for Michael’s admirers. Among the casino’s patrons, fans were delighted to see them, prompting a sense of unity and shared appreciation. As part of this touching encounter, one devoted follower even presented the sons with a painting encapsulating Michael accompanied by an angelic figure. Beloved memories of the iconic global superstar were recounted and embraced in this moving exchange.

Reports from PEOPLE confirmed this extraordinary event. A lively question and answer session was held to allow members of Michael’s estate to participate and reminisce in what they called a “Blue Sapphire Birthday Celebration” for the artist behind the beloved “Human Nature.” A testament to the artist’s enduring legacy, the evening became a live spectacle with performances by the cast of Michael Jackson’s ONE show. Adding to the magic of the night was the presence of Michael Bush, author of “The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson”, who held a book signing.

However, this birthday extravaganza was far from coming to an end. Attendees were treated to the opportunity to engage with Michael Jackson’s original ONE creative team and representatives of the Grammy winner’s estate, further cementing the common bond formed around this extraordinary artist. Visitors with proof of ticket purchase received an extra treat – a delicious cake and cookies, a sweet symbol of shared joy.

At the center of this celebration turned into a charming Cirque du Soleil show, a tribute to the unforgettable hitmaker mystery. The production masterfully combines track and acrobatics, a tribute to an artist recognized for pushing artistic obstacles. Born in February 2013, the display has won hearts and minds and marked a decade within the colorful town of Las Vegas.

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Michael’s buddy and choreographer Jamie King eloquently summed up the artist’s ethos, describing how Michael infused every second with a childlike spirit of surprise and an insatiable preference to grow. This sentiment underscored the individuality of the imminent display and set it aside from its predecessor ‘Immortal’.

In an international wherein the news is continuously spinning, the presence of Jackson’s youngsters on the tribute show stays a rarity, a poignant occasion that displays the essence of their father’s enduring effect. Flashing returned to August 2018, Paris Jackson, the 25-year-antique epitome of grace and resilience, and her brother Prince attended the “Michael Jackson Diamond celebration” at Mandalay Bay. Right here they time-honored the Elizabeth Taylor Legacy Award, honoring their father’s profound humanitarian work via the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

The bond that binds Michael and Elizabeth Taylor becomes deep-rooted and extends to Paris’ reputation as godmother. Fond memories of their dating at the circle of relatives home in Encino painted a photo of mutual admiration. Paris reflected on her father’s dedication, highlighting his unwavering guidance of Elizabeth’s motive via time, movie star influence, and philanthropic contributions.

The historical note reminds us of the well-rounded education Michael provided to his children. The former bodyguard praised the trio – Paris, Prince, and Bigi – as well-behaved and balanced, a testament to their father’s nurturing influence. This sentiment was echoed by Michael’s publicist, who confirmed that his children hold a paramount place in his heart.

Among the most poignant memories is Paris’s heartfelt tribute at Michael’s funeral in 2009. Then just 11 years old, she spoke eloquently of her adoration, summing up a lifetime of love in a few touching words: “From the moment I was born, Dad was the best father, as you can imagine. that I love him so much.”