Rebel commander Lee Jae-myung of South Korea was stabbed in the neck.


The leader of the opposition party in South Korea, Lee Jae-myung, was struck in the neck while visiting the southern port city of Busan and is currently recuperating in the hospital. Rebel commander Lee Jae-myung of South Korea was stabbed in the neck.

Lee, 59, was allegedly charged with assault by a 67-year-old male armed with an 18cm knife that was purchased online, according to the police.

According to photographs captured at the crime site, the assailant was spotted donning a paper crown that bore the name Lee.

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Reportedly, after approaching Lee to request an autograph, he attacked him. The assailant was apprehended and apprehended promptly at the location.

Photographs published by Yonhap depicted Lee in a supine position, his eyes closed, as individuals surrounded him applied pressure to one side of his neck with a handkerchief.

Lee was transported from the Pusan National University Hospital to the Seoul National University Hospital, subsequently receiving surgical treatment. Later on Tuesday, a party spokesman, Kwon Chil-seung, reported that Lee was conscious and recuperating in an intensive care unit.

The assault transpired amidst a question-and-answer segment with reporters subsequent to a site visit to the emerging airport on Gadeok Island, situated in close proximity to Busan, offshore.

Lee, born into poverty in the city of Andong, attended middle school by working in a factory. However, he subsequently obtained his legal credentials and rose to the position of civil rights attorney.

In 2022, Lee, the leader of the Democratic Party with a left-leaning stance, was defeated in a close presidential election by the conservative Yoon Suk Yeol. Lee’s continued presidential candidacy in 2027 is widely anticipated, and recent polls indicate that he remains a formidable opponent.

His office reports that President Yoon condemned the assault and stated that such violence should never be tolerated. Yoon additionally conveyed profound apprehension regarding Lee and directed the appropriate local authorities to administer optimal medical attention to him and to have the police conduct an investigation into the incident.

At present, Lee is put on trial on charges of bribery allegedly related to a development project that occurred during his tenure as mayor of Seongnam, a municipality located in close proximity to Seoul. Lee has dismissed the allegations as “political conspiracy” and “fiction” in an effort to disavow any misconduct.

Despite stringent gun ownership regulations and generally low rates of violent crime, South Korea has a documented history of political unrest characterized by the utilization of alternative weaponry.

In 2006, Park Geun-hye, the leader of the conservative opposition party at the time and who subsequently served as president, was knife-attacked at an event and required surgery to repair a facial gash.

In response to the military takeover in Gwangju in 1980, a student uprising was violently repressed, culminating in the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators and thousands of others at the hands of paratroopers and other military units.