Sylvester Stallone Acknowledges and Applauds ‘Rocky’ Co-star Carl Weathers for Deserved Recognition


After the famous actor Carl Weathers passed away last Thursday, his stars, including Pedro Pascal, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sylvester Stallone, spoke from their hearts. In an emotional Instagram video, Stallone said “Rocky” wouldn’t have been as successful without Withers, who played the villain Apollo Creed in the 1976 Oscar-winning film.

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Three years later, Withers continued to make his mark on the Rocky franchise with an unforgettable take on Stallone’s eponymous boxer brand. His presence was echoed in the third and fourth parts until 1985. The character’s backstory in the form of Michael B. Jordan played Creed’s son in 2015’s popular Creed sequel series.

Stallone, who was affected by Weathers’ death, felt that it was an important part of his life and success. Recalling their first meeting, Stallone remembers the best things he saw in Air; He realizes the importance of his talent, his voice, his size, his strength, his athleticism, and above all, his heart and soul. Although Weather wasn’t always considered one of the best actors, he left an indelible mark in roles like “Apollo Creed” and as a member of Schwarzenegger’s team in the TV series “Predator.”

In a shocking moment, Stallone stood in front of a photo of a scene from the movie Rocky and remembered the time they spent together in the ring. The Emmy-nominated “The Mandalorian” actor died peacefully at home at the age of 76, weather agent Matt Luber confirmed. The cause of death was not disclosed.

Stallone wrapped up his award by calling Weather “magical” and expressing his gratitude for his life. In the relationship, Stallone encourages Apollo to “hold on.”