The Enigmatic Title of Apple’s September Event Sparks Speculation About the Apple Watch Ultra 2


In case you may have missed the big reveal, Apple has officially confirmed the date for this year’s much-anticipated September Apple event – mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 12. Our tech-savvy team has been painstakingly dissecting Apple’s cryptic invitation, sifting through every pixel for subtle hints about what groundbreaking innovations will be revealed.

Expect a dazzling array of new gadgets, including the highly anticipated iPhone 15 and its more robust sibling, the iPhone 15 Plus. These two flagship models, likely to be called Pro and Pro Max, are set to redefine the smartphone landscape. Plus, get ready for a new generation of AirPods that promises to elevate your audio experience to new heights.

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However, speaking as TechRadar’s fitness, wellness, and wearables editor, I have to admit that my primary focus revolves around the upcoming Apple Watch offerings – the Apple Watch 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Both of these marvels are rumored to be their flagships for this year’s entry and I eagerly await their arrival.

What is particularly interesting is Apple’s choice of slogan for the event – ‘Wonderlust’, a clever corruption of the term ‘wanderlust’. At the very least, this clever pun hints at the potential wonders of the Ultra 2. Last year’s Apple Watch Ultra made a strong impression, earning a well-deserved spot on our list of the best Apple Watch models. Its robust construction, enhanced GPS capabilities, and innovative action button mechanism set it apart from the competition.

Carefully designed for use during training or adventure, the action button makes it easy to operate the watch while wearing gloves, navigate underwater (even for divers, as the watch functions as a functional dive computer), or even send distress signals thanks to its customizable function.

Citing reputable sources like Bloomberg tech guru Mark Gurman, it’s quite likely that the Ultra 2 is in the pipeline for this year’s launch alongside the Apple Watch 9. While it may be a modest upgrade, I strongly believe that Apple will put considerable emphasis on the watch’s adventure-ready features, although the only evidence we have so far is a cryptic logo and tagline.

Defined as an intense desire to explore the world, “Wanderlust” has become a buzzword among travel enthusiasts and bloggers. Apple’s smart turn this term is sure to pique the interest of adventurers. It’s not hard to imagine the Ultra 2 being equipped with even more adventurous features. We can expect it to be lighter, thanks to 3D-printed components, while maintaining a robust titanium construction and tempered glass.

The reference to the tempered glass that symbolically dissolves into grains of sand in the Apple logo may indicate the durability of the watch in extreme environments, from snowy landscapes to scorching deserts. The GPS is already top-notch and rivals the systems found in Garmin’s best watches, but one area where the Ultra 2 could excel further is battery life. Most adventure-focused watches from brands like Garmin, Coros, and Polar boast weeks of battery life, not just 36 hours.

Consider that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 boasts a staggering 48 hours of battery life, which increases to an impressive 52 hours in reduced “Expedition” mode. That would make it a reliable companion during multi-day wilderness escapades involving camping or hiking—a significant leap from Apple’s previous options. This battery upgrade is at the top of my wish list as it would alleviate the “battery anxiety” that currently prevents me from taking my Apple Watch camping, leading me to rely on my trusty Garmin Instinct Crossover instead.

If my speculation is correct, the emphasis on travel and desire may extend to the iPhone 15’s camera setup. It could potentially offer innovative ways to capture breathtaking landscape shots. If the high-end iPhone 15 models could match the durability of the Apple Watch, you’d have a dynamic duo of devices ready to brave any climate, accurately measure your progress, navigate your surroundings, and capture amazing content.

Of course, it’s important to note that this is all guesswork, speculation, and educated guesswork—a little wishful thinking at times. However, I’m reasonably confident that the Apple Watch Ultra 2 will lose some weight and push its claimed battery life from 36 to a respectable 42 hours. These upgrades alone would put them firmly among the best-running watches on the market.