The world welcomes 2024 with fireworks a moment of silence and a royal goodbye.


Twenty-four was received with jubilation and solemn introspection by the international community. The world welcomes 2024 with fireworks, a moment of silence, and a royal goodbye.

In observance of the 50th anniversary of its renowned Opera House, Sydney was illuminated with a shower of gold and silver pyrotechnics. In contrast, the situation in Gaza remained somber, with inhabitants preoccupied primarily with survival. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark declared her abdication in Europe following more than fifty years of the monarchy.

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Various locations and individuals across the globe bid dieu to 2023 and ushered in the New Year as follows.

Sydney celebrated 2024 with a spectacular fireworks show that included silver and gold explosives. The show was held to honor the Opera House’s 50th anniversary.

After enduring Israel’s 12-week war to eliminate Hamas, the people of Gaza had little faith that 2024 would offer significant relief. On Sunday, residents of Rafah, which is situated on the border between Egypt and Gaza and has become the most crowded point for Palestinians fleeing other areas of the enclave, were preoccupied with locating food, shelter, and water rather than contemplating the upcoming year.

Abu Abdullah al-Agha, a middle-aged Palestinian whose residence was destroyed in Khan Younis and who lost a young niece and nephew in an Israeli airstrike, stated, “In 2024, I intend to return to the ruins of my home, pitch a tent, and live there.”

In her annual New Year’s address on Sunday, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark declared that after 52 years in the monarchy, she would surrender on January 14. Her eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, will succeed her.

In his New Year’s address on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who faces an election in March, alluded to his conflict in Ukraine only briefly. While praising his soldiers as heroes, he emphasized unity and shared determination.

In a New Year’s address, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy stated that the country had grown more potent in surmounting significant obstacles since the conflict against Russia began nearly two years ago. Fourteen occurrences of the word “war” occurred during his twenty-minute address.

China (CINA) Sunday, in a televised address to commemorate the New Year, Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that the nation would solidify and amplify the favorable trajectory of its economic recovery by 2024 while concurrently maintaining enduring economic progress through more profound reforms.

President Tsai Ing-wen stated that both parties are responsible for preserving stability and peace in the Taiwan Strait.

THE NORTH Korean State media reported on Sunday that North Korea vowed to launch three new surveillance satellites, construct military drones, and increase its nuclear arsenal by 2024, while leader Kim Jong Un stated that U.S. policy renders war inevitable.

In New Year’s messages exchanged on Monday, Kim Jong Un and Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged to further develop bilateral cooperation, according to South Korean Yonhap News, which cited North Korean state radio.

VATICAN Pope Francis said during his Sunday prayers, “May all individuals have a serene conclusion to the year. May you remember to offer me your prayers.”

In a televised address preceding New Year’s celebrations, French President Emmanuel Macron proclaimed 2024 “the year of our French pride.” This year would be characterized by the Paris 2024 Olympic Summer Games and the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral following a catastrophic fire.

In his traditional year-end address, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz lamented the “significant amount of anguish and violence” that characterized 2023 but vowed that “Germany will persevere through this.”

Three additional suspects in an alleged Islamist conspiracy to storm the renowned Cologne Cathedral in Germany on New Year’s Eve were apprehended by the police on Sunday.

Cologne police stated that the alleged assailants intended to use a vehicle to storm the 800-year-old Gothic cathedral.

London celebrated the New Year with pyrotechnics, the ringing of its iconic Big Ben bell, and a display of news highlights that included the coronation of King Charles.

At midnight, tens of thousands of revelers gathered in Times Square, Manhattan, New York, to witness the lighted ball descend, following performances by artists such as Megan Thee Stallion and LL Cool J.

Before the ball drop, President Joe Biden stated in an interview that he hoped the celebrants understood that “the United States is in a better position to lead the world than any other nation.”

The country Brazil Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, where nearly two million individuals assembled to celebrate the New Year, was illuminated by a mesmerizing fireworks display.