One Piece Chapter 1107 Full Summary


One Piece Chapter 1107 is titled “I have been looking for you!!” On the cover page: Law and Bepo are napping with a snow leopard in a mountain.

The chapter starts where last one ended. In an amazing double page, we can see “Giant Warrior Pirates” in all its splendor. Oimo and Kashii are with Dorry and Brogy. There are other giants too, all of them are destroying more Marine battleships.

Usopp is in tears seeing Dorry and Brogy through a binoculars (he’s with Nami, Chopper and Robin). We can see a recap panel about Little Garden arc events.

Usopp: “I thought I’d never see you in Elbaf!!”


Thousand Sunny is about to go over the cliff. Jinbe is still flying towards where Zoro is. Zoro and Lucci are still fighting. Lucci is mocking Zoro, saying he will drag other down at this point since they can’t leave Egghead without Zoro.

Cut to Vice Admiral “Red King” (the guy with many chins). His name is based on a Kaiju that appeared in “Ultraman” (a Japanese TV series).

Around 30 small and middle level ships are already sunk, so Red King orders all smaller ships to stay back. Larger battleships will approach Egghead and will fire at Pacifistas.

Cut to Luffy and Bonney. Bonney is in tears so Luffy asks her why is she crying.

Bonney: “I’ve been looking for you, Nika!!”

Luffy: “Why? I’ve been here with you all the time. And… What is a Nika?”

Luffy just realized that Vegapunk is injured and looks furious at Saturn.

Luffy: “How dare you hurt my friend…”

Luffy says he saw Bonney’s attack, but it was super weak. Bonney asks Luffy to show her real Nika’s punch.

Saturn attacks Luffy with his eye power. Luffy’s head was blown back but he withstands the attack.

Luffy: “Bonney, I will show you how it works!! ‘Gomu Gomu no Dawn Gatling’ (White Gatling)!!!!”


In an epic panel, Luffy punches Saturn many times in his face. Saturn is sent flying and he crushes into buildings again.

Kizaru shoots a laser beam at Bonney and Vegapunk, but Sanji blocks it with his kick. Kizaru makes a shocked face that we haven’t seen before on him. Franky makes an “Enel face”.

Franky: “I can’t believe it!! Wasn’t that a laser beam!?”

Sanji: “Love shines brighter than light!!”

Kizaru: “If it works like that, then we wouldn’t need ‘physics’…!!”

Franky, Bonney, Kuma and Atlas fly away to the coast first. Vegapunk refuses to move since he knows from his medical knoweldge, that if they move him now, he will die.

Sanji and Luffy stand to block Kizaru.

Cut to Saturn, he’s emerging from the rubble. Suddenly, someone appears in front of him: the yare Catarina Devon and Van Augur. Catarina looks at Saturn stunned.

Catarina Devon: “I wonder what kind of power is that… Murufufufu. I have never heard of a case where one of the “Five Elders” would descend on earth themselves…”

Catarina Devon touches one of Saturn’s leg with her hand. Saturn looks at her very angry.

Catarina Devon: “Either way, it makes things easier for us. Mission accomplished.”

Saturn: “Why are you here..? Catarina Devon… Never would I have thought the fearsome criminals of ‘Level 6’ would submit to someone”

Catarina Devon: “Fufu… Because Teach is special.”

Saturn: “… His bloodline as well.”

Catarina Devon: “Oh, you already know?”

Saturn: “Your crew has been taking nothing but strange actions… What exactly are your goal?”

Catarina Devon/Van Augur: “THE WORLD!!!!”

Saturn attacks them but Van Augur warps Devon and himself away.

Catarina Devon and Van Augur are preparing to leave Egghead in their ship, but suddenly Caraibou appears in front of them. Caribou is crying out of happiness (like Bartolomeo when he is near to Luffy). He has a special request…

Caribou: “Please allow me to meet Blackbeard just one time!! He’s my idol!! I want to work for him!! I became a pirate just because of him!!”

End of the chapter.