Pakistan’s Military Employ Traditional Strategies to Influence Imran Khan’s Election Prospects


The scene that opens bears a striking resemblance to a familiar letter. Imran Khan, once hailed as the most popular figure in Pakistan’s powerful military, now finds himself on the wrong side, but two court rulings in a week.

On Tuesday, 14 years after he was sentenced to 10 years in prison, the facts: The army has decided to protect Block Khan from next week’s general elections.

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Recently, Khan himself took advantage of this outdated system, a recurring theme in Pakistan’s turbulent history. In 2018, when Khan ran for president, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif faced the wrath of the military and was barred from public office due to salary, corruption money. Just days before the July 2018 elections, Sharif was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Now the situation is reversed again. Khan, now a critic of the military, has been in prison since Sharif’s resignation along with military leaders marching for his return to power. Sharif is almost expected to win the upcoming elections due to previous corruption allegations.

Although Khan is banned from running in the elections, a series of convictions and numerous prison sentences have undermined the military’s campaign

br>Because of a vote of no confidence by the military in April 2022, Khan will be Since his resignation in 2022, he has sparked unprecedented criticism of the military establishment and its control over Pakistani politics. be scolded

However, the Khan’s campaign against the army failed due to the army’s lack of control. Since Khan’s arrest in August, it has become clear that the military will go to great lengths to attack him and destroy his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

The justice process was stopped in two cases this week. The trial was held in the prison where Khan was being held, and his lawyers were barred from selecting or cross-examining witnesses.

PTI has been subject to serious repression in recent months, including the suppression of protests. try less. In the past, even he held key constituencies.

To many observers, Khan’s two decisions confirm that the upcoming elections will be among the surest in Pakistan’s recent history, pushing the country several steps back in its fight for independence.

This idea was born in a period of political uncertainty. Although the military says there is no politics, any semblance of justice has disappeared and politicians have made few points as the military is still involved in “administrative” elections.

Many Pakistani voters still support the election. While Khan was highly respected, there was a general feeling of anger and disbelief. However, the general opinion did not change; Significant changes are rare in Pakistani politics.