Raquel Leviss Speaks Out Following ‘Pump Rules’ Reunion: Gaining Insight into My Attraction to ‘Unreachable’ Men


Raquel Leviss has emerged from the shadows, breaking her silence following the explosive reunion of Vanderpump Policies’ tenth season. In a candid conversation with Bethenny Frankel at the “ReWives” podcast aired on August 16th, Leviss delved into the complex web of her actions, dropping mild on her formerly perplexing behavior – especially, her involvement in an affair together with her co-star, Tom Sandoval.

Starting up about her choice to step away from the tumultuous highlight, Leviss revealed her preference to escape the chaos and negativity that had engulfed her online presence. but, her journey to self-discovery extended some distance past an insignificant hiatus; it led her to a remedy facility, wherein she aimed to dissect her behaviors at their core. She voiced her commitment to unraveling the complicated patterns that had entangled her, acknowledging her penchant for pursuing emotionally unavailable guys and her habitual dive into bad relationships. through this introspective procedure, she sought to pinpoint the triggers that fueled her movements.

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Leviss and Sandoval’s torrid romance had an unfavorable impact on Sandoval’s 9-12 months relationship with Ariana Madix, culminating in its demise after Madix uncovered the infidelity in March. Leviss defined that it took time for her to grapple with the situation, but she in the end came across the idea of affection dependancy, a real mental phenomenon. She discovered that mistaking depth for intimacy, frequently driven via chemical reactions corresponding to the ones triggered with the aid of tablets, defined her incapability to sever ties with Sandoval. whilst this attention did not excuse her movements, it presented a brand new angle.

The podcast look marked Leviss’ first public look in view that her finishing touch of mental fitness treatment in Arizona. She selected Frankel as her confidante, spotting her role as a flagbearer in opposition to the exploitative inclinations rampant in the realm of fact television. With the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike raising questions about the equitable remedy of truth television stars, Frankel’s personal vocal stance in opposition to the absence of royalties resonated deeply with Leviss.

Leviss lamented the disproportionate backlash she faced, highlighting the incongruities between fact television’s constructed narratives and the truth. She acknowledged the ease with which viewers might be swayed through sensationalized content, in particular inside the context of affairs, a subject that resonates broadly. Leviss criticized the network’s apparent profiteering from the scandal and the subsequent exposure, contrasting it along with her personal loss of repayment. She expressed frustration over being typecast as the final villain, together with her on-digital camera missteps immortalized indefinitely.

Amidst the discussion, Leviss unveiled her experience of the tantalizing appeal of reality tv’s endured involvement, accentuated with the aid of the hazard of getting her narrative dictated if she abstained from sharing her attitude. This, she admitted, became a fear that nearly tempted her to return.

While Leviss refrained from delving deeper into her tantalizing “nearly went back” statement, the implication became clear: She’s guidance far from the limelight and, possibly, won’t be a part of Vanderpump guidelines’ 11th season. Reports propose that despite the fact that Leviss hadn’t signed a contract, the network remained carefully constructive approximately her capability go back.