Defence Day in Pakistan: Remembering Heroes and National Unity


Why we celebrate Defence Day in Pakistan

Youm-e-Difa, also known as Defence Day, is observed annually on September 6 to pay tribute to and remember the efforts made by our armed forces throughout the years to defend us against our adversaries and preserve our independence. 

This holiday is also known as Youm-e-Difa. The day, a national holiday up until the end of the 1990s, is now not recognized as such by the government. Despite this, the spirit that guided the day continues. The Pakistani military services organized events across the country’s major cities to commemorate the country’s Defence Day, which is observed with zeal and enthusiasm.

Defense Day: Remembering 1965 War Heroes

In 1965, Indian forces attacked Pakistani Punjab, and the Pakistani Army incurred terrible fatalities while preserving its homeland. This event is considered to be the origin of the significance of Defence Day. On this day, parades are organized to recognize the troops who are now serving their country and the soldiers who have given their lives or services in the past to safeguard the country from harm. 

Defence Day in Pakistan

How Pakistan celebrates Defence Day

As Defence Day approaches this year, we’d provide you with a quick rundown of the events, preparations, and plans you might take part in, depending on the city where you currently reside.

Guard Changes at the Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi and IQBAL’s Mausoleum in Lahore

At the Mazar-e-Quaid and Iqbal’s Mausoleum, an annual ritual known as the “Change of Guards” occurs. During this event, young cadets from the Pakistan Armed Forces take up guard duty instead of their older brothers and sisters.

Exhibitions of parades and weapons

The Pakistan Army will demonstrate its most recent weapons, tanks, missiles, and planes in an exhibition free to the public as part of the annual Defence Day celebrations in Pakistan, which follow a relatively same format year after year. 

Fortress Stadium in Lahore is the place you should go to if you want to enjoy the festivities this year. Parades and air displays are organized at various locations in quite a few towns, and if you want to see one of these events, you should go there.

 The Karnal Sher Khan Stadium in Peshawar, the General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, and the Malir Cantt in Karachi are a few more popular locales. Because Pakistan is home to some of the most cutting-edge military aircraft in the world, the air show is not to be missed.

Shows on TV

You are welcome to attend the parades in person, but you can also view live broadcasts of the Defence Day events that are taking place throughout Pakistan from the convenience of your home. The events are being shown live on every central news channel. 

Aside from that, unique films involving active or retired officers are also presented to maintain the spirit of patriotism and sacrifice in today’s society. Historical narratives of the 6th of September 1965 and the conflict of 1965, in addition to a playlist of national music, are regularly mixed into the mix each year. The war of 1965 took place in 1965.

Discounts and sales for Defence Day

The country’s business sector observes the day commemorating Pakistan’s military servicemen and women with great fervour. Several retail establishments host special promotions and sales to mark the occasion and stock limited-edition goods in shades of green and white, the colors of our nation’s flag.

Popular retailers of apparel, consumer electronics, and home furnishings nationwide have also publicized promotions and discounts in honor of Defence Day. Some businesses have already announced the approaching sale, while others prefer to do so on the day of the event. 

Discounts typically run for three days, giving customers plenty of time to shop until they find precisely what they are looking for at a price they are willing to pay. You can get more up-to-date information about the most recent Defence Day promotions and discounts by checking out the social media pages of your favorite retailers.

How We Celebrate Defence Day

On the occasion of Defence Day, several military parades and other activities are conducted nationwide. In addition, military parades are a great place to view the most recent developments and advancements in modern strategy. It is common practice for test launches of newly built weapons to occur on this day. 

The apparent objective of these activities is to honor our veterans and draw attention to our armed forces’ formidable capabilities. In addition, our television channels and social media are contributing to achieving that objective.

The procession 

The Pakistani Army displays its most recent missiles, tanks, artillery, army aircraft, and helicopters, as well as the equipment utilized by the Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Corps, Army Air Defence, Signals, Army Service Corps, and Medical Corps of the Army.

Everyone has the opportunity to view these kinds of events live if they go to the right places. These programs are also broadcast on many national television networks. On television, viewers can hear national anthems, watch memorable films on September 6, 1965, and hear the experiences of people who sacrificed their lives on that day. 

The specifics of how people gave their lives for the nation’s safety are discussed, as are the responsibilities that fall on Pakistan’s younger generation, particularly its children, who are the nation’s hope for the future.

The ceremony to change the guard is held at Mazar-e-Quaid in Karachi. During the ceremony, cadets from the Pakistan Air Force Academy present themselves and assume leadership of the Guard of Honour.

Military Role in Our Country

Everyone here should feel a sense of pride for the formidable strength of our military forces and the crucial part they play in the defense and protection of our nation. Although we may be experiencing economic difficulties, we are protected from dangers from the outside world by what many people in other parts of the world consider to be one of Asia’s most powerful military powers. As we honor those who served our country honorably in the past, we pay tribute to their sacrifices.

But our armed forces don’t just fight battles—they also make significant contributions to society when peacetime rolls around. In countries that natural disasters have struck, the powers that be are most usually the ones to conduct humanitarian operations and to give national relief services in the aftermath of events like floods, earthquakes, and so on. 

Many organizations run by the armed forces, such as their schools, universities, hospitals, and so on, sometimes provide essential services to the civilian population even though they are under the jurisdiction of the military.

Following the victory in the 1965 war, Pakistan emerged as a more powerful nation.

As a result of the war that took place in September 1965 between Pakistan and India, Pakistan emerged as a powerful and self-assured country, proud of itself and its armed forces. It was a nation that stood unified in the face of the danger posed by India. A successful war requires national unity and unwavering support for the armed forces currently serving on the front lines. 

Pakistan’s Armed Forces, with the assistance of the government, successfully rejected India’s blatant aggression across the international border, making it pay the price by capturing four times more land than India and compelling it to accept a truce, return to the negotiating table, and vacate each other’s territory in the process. 

Pakistan’s Armed Forces also made India pay a price by taking four times more habitat than India. It was undeniably their brightest hour of glory, and it was a day that future generations would remember to remind them of the warriors and civilians who lived throughout that time.

If you dare to hurt one of us, we will all stand together as one country, for we have no predicament of caste, no color of faith among us; instead, we are brothers and sisters standing together as one, under one flag; and when we stand together, we can teach you a lesson that you will most certainly never forget.


On September 6th, we commemorate Pakistan’s victory in the 1965 Indo-Pakistani War by observing Defence Day. Today, Pakistan effectively defended its borders against Indian aggression, demonstrating its courage and resiliency in adversity. The day is commemorated with parades, addresses, and other patriotic activities to honor the soldiers who fought for the nation’s defense.

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What is the significance of Defence Day?

Every year on September 6, Pakistan commemorates Defence Day, a significant day of bravery and unity that reverberates throughout the nation. It marks the valour and sacrifices of Pakistan’s armed forces during the 1965 Indo-Pak War, which tested the nation’s fortitude and cohesion.

Why is September 6 a day of defense?

On September 6th, Defence Day is observed in remembrance of the sacrifices made by the Pakistani armed forces during the 1965 conflict. Defence Day is one of the most essential occasions in Pakistan’s history.

What is Pakistan Defence Days?

He stated that September 6 is the day for the renewal of allegiance and that citizens must pledge to not hesitate to give their lives in defense of the nation.

What does National Defence Day signify?

National Defence Day is a day to remember the sacrifices made by our armed forces to protect our nation’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is observed annually on March 3 in India, and 2023 will mark its 85th anniversary.