Social media marketing for contractors


Social media marketing for contractors, “Can social media marketing help contractors?”

It’s a question that contractors ask a lot, and the response is always a loud YES.

Social media marketing for contractors, Social media marketing isn’t just for large corporations, restaurants, and apparel lines. Creating social media profiles and trying out social media marketing can be beneficial for any contracting company to try out for themselves. Why?

Social media marketing for contractors

  • A staggering 81% of shoppers claim that social media recommendations and posts from friends affect their purchasing decisions.
  • 90% of young adults and 77% of those between the ages of 30 and 49 regularly use social media.
  • In terms of customer retention, social media is a close second to email.
  • After hearing about a product or service on social media, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase.
  • Seventy-four percent of clients make purchasing decisions based on social media.
  • You can use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to target clients who have already demonstrated an interest in contracting services.

Contrary to popular assumptions, social media websites can generate a significant volume of leads and sales to your website. It was a Facebook lead that brought in Blue Corona’s largest client ever.

Trust, integrity, and communication are critical to the success of your business. Any kind of successful commercial or personal connection is going to have some of these same features. As a part of your overall marketing strategy, it’s critical to include social media as a means of fostering these kinds of connections.

There are many different reasons why people utilize social media. Why? To learn more about the companies they are considering doing business with, for example. A survey found that 78% of customers are influenced by a company’s social media posts when making a purchase decision. As a result, if you want prospective clients to have faith in their decision to work with you, you need to be active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Continue reading to find out how to use social media to attract new clients for your contracting business.

Social media marketing for contractors

To put it another way, if you don’t have a social media presence, no one else will. They’re also looking for information on where to purchase the goods and services they need. Social media, more than any other internet source, is where shoppers get the majority of their product information, according to a Nielsen study. User reviews are in second place with a share of 52%. The more people your organization can reach through social media, the better.

You may learn more about your potential customers through social media. As a contractor, you may utilize your website to gain insight into the needs of your customers and the elements that influence their decision-making process. Such feedback makes it much easier to deliver the correct services to the correct target audience with the correct messaging.

The primary objective of using social media is to aid in the growth of your company. Continue reading to learn more about how it can help you.

What role does social media play in your contracting firm?

To stay in touch with loved ones, share photos and videos, and keep up with current events, many people turn to social media. As a result of this, it is a highly effective marketing technique. On social networking, you don’t have to use a sales pitch to get new clients and jobs. What you need to know:

Your messages have a greater reach.

No one on Facebook or Twitter will be able to see your ad, but you should still be able to get the word out about your business and help it expand. Sharing is the key. As you build a following, your current followers will spread the word about your content to their own networks, bringing you new leads.

As a result, your brand becomes more approachable.

In many marketing campaigns, the company is shown in the most flattering light. However, even if this is generally true, these advertisements still raise a number of intriguing issues. It’s possible to build a relationship with potential customers that isn’t purely transactional using social media.

Your adverts might be quite specific.

Social media is free to use, but there are a variety of paid advertising options available on each network. It’s difficult to reach millions of people on a shoestring budget, but if you target your advertising correctly, you can reach the ones who are most likely to respond. By focusing on a smaller target audience, you can reduce the overall cost of your strategy.

How to get started with contractor social media marketing.

Now that you’ve decided that social media is worthwhile, here’s how to use it to advertise your construction company.

Step 1: Reserve your company’s name on all key social media platforms.

To begin publishing on all of the big social media networks, I did not say, “Start doing so.” When you’re ready to start using a certain channel, just save your name.

The following accounts should be set up for home service businesses in the following order:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter 

For home builders, the most effective approach is:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Houzz
  • Pinterest

Maintaining a focus on generating new awareness, activity, and engagement through social media is essential to the construction industry’s overall success, regardless of whatever platform is used.

Step 2: Choose a channel and begin interacting with your followers.

Another waterway. It has to be at least one. You don’t have to be active everywhere right away, and trying to be active everywhere would almost surely leave you feeling irritated and overwhelmed. Having inactive social media accounts is worse than having no social media profiles at all.

Remember that gaining a following takes time, so be patient and keep posting.

Step 3: Post in a strategic manner.

It’s not merely a dumping ground, despite the overwhelming evidence. Instead, social media may become a growth engine for home services and construction firms that develop content that achieves three objectives.

  1. Builds awareness
  2. Serves customers
  3. Drives action

Step 4: Make a content schedule.

The inability of business owners to decide what to post on social media is a contributing factor to their social media overload. Instead of staring at your blinking cursor and wracking your brain for ideas, a simple content calendar will save you time and frustration.

Step 5:Match your post to the characteristics of each platform.

It’s common for firms to share the same content on various social media channels. I appreciate their desire to save time, but it isn’t the most effective method. Why? Due to the unique “personality” of each social media network. You can continue to use the same theme, but make sure your posts are specific to each channel.

Step 6: As your company grows, rejoice!

Your contractor marketing strategy should include social media. There are several benefits to building a strong social media following, including the ability to build a strong email list, which can be used to grow your business. Winning!

Contractors’ social media tactics.

Social networking may be a powerful marketing tool for your business. The question is, what are you going to do with it? You’ll be off to a good start if you follow these suggestions.

Post on a regular basis.

There are many people who regularly check their social media accounts to see what new posts and changes have been added to their feeds. If you’re following hundreds or thousands of people, a post will disappear in no time. Because of this, you must post new content on a frequent basis.

Social media marketing for contractors

Daily updates are recommended. Submit an article, photos, or even company updates from the last few days. Comment on other people’s posts or participate in discussions if you’re running low on ideas for new content. Regardless of what you’re doing, make sure you’re doing it regularly enough to keep your name in the news feeds of your followers.

Engage with your audience.

In addition to attracting new customers using social media, you should try to build partnerships with other businesses in your industry. Be a part of a discussion around your industry’s norms and issues. By sharing news and updates from other companies, you can start cross-promotion.

Engaging with your past and current customers is even more crucial, however. Anyone who has a question about your services is welcome to ask you for advice. Your company’s authority, network, and pool of potential customers will expand with time.

Track and monitor your results

Developing a successful social media plan is a bit like developing a successful marketing strategy. If you don’t keep track of your progress, you won’t know if you’re making any progress. Use the built-in analytics tools to evaluate your strategy’s success.

Measure the number of followers and the number of times each piece of content is shared on each social media platform. Determine how much money a piece of content generates by tracking the number of times it is clicked. Finding out which strategies work best will be easier as you keep track of your progress and make adjustments to your overall approach as needed.

Want to start using social media for your business?

Word-of-mouth and other forms of social media are two of the most common ways that contractors receive new business. Using social media to find new customers makes sense, then. Get involved in social media to increase your visibility, get new clients, and showcase your expertise.

Interested in learning more about our social media management services? Please get in touch with us! To learn more about how our team can help you grow your business using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, contact a strategist now.


Social media marketing for contractors, It’s possible that engaging in marketing via social media will feel like taking a giant leap of faith for your construction firm, but if done right and with a little bit of effort, social media marketing can be quite fruitful for your business.

Begin with a manageable goal, and stay committed to it. Your following will increase in size if you continue to provide high-quality content and actively engage with your audience. This results in increased brand awareness, which, in turn, will eventually lead to more quality prospects directly approaching your construction company, ready to make a purchase decision.


What are the social media habits of contractors?

Trust and brand awareness can be generated through social media.

Your profile should include a picture of the person who owns the firm, the contractor, or the director. Give us your true name and phone number.

How can independent contractors find work?

The best strategy to find new customers is to meet them in person and have a conversation with them. Since it’s so important, it’s listed first. An excellent goal is to reach 5 to 10 potential customers per week.

In what ways do construction employees engage in social media?

Most construction professionals use Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. For video marketing, YouTube is the best site, and Instagram and Pinterest are useful for photographs and short films.

What is ConstructConnect’s price tag?

Each team member has their own ConstructConnect login, therefore pricing is determined by the number of users, their location, and the functionality they require. If you’re looking for a full-service package for North America, you’ll have to shell out a whopping $60,000.

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