2022 Small-Screen Superlatives: Best Bad Show Episode Sweetest Subplot etc.


2022 Small-Screen Superlatives: Best Bad Show Episode Sweetest Subplot etc. Due to the overwhelming number of new scripted series debuting in 2022, your friendly neighborhood THR TV critics have compiled two separate lists of their favorite new shows (Daniel Fienberg’s Top 10 and Angie Han’s Top 10), each with ten additional honorable mentions and the third list of fantastic episodes from series that did not cut. As we approach 2022, however, a great deal of television still deserves recognition. Two words: “honor” and “honor.” No one can come out on top every time.

These are the best television shows of 2022, as chosen by us.

While some may argue that earlier installments of Stranger Things were funnier or had more heart, no one can claim that the show’s fourth season skimped on running time. For a show that premiered in 2016 with a batch of adorable 40-minute episodes, the nine-episode run, notable for introducing young viewers to Metallica and Kate Bush, initially featured over 70 minutes. But what about the final episode? Duration: 1 hour and 42 minutes. That is not the typical length of a television program. DANIEL FIENBERG wrote this.

That accent may stand out more than any other quirk of Anna’s (like her habit of scamming everyone she meets). You’ve heard it before: It’s a strange mashup of German and Russian, with accents and vocal fry borrowed from all over Europe thrown in for good measure. Impossible to localize, challenging to comprehend, and extremely difficult to divert one’s attention away from. The same as Anna Delvey herself. Angie Han

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We refrained from awarding the worst title because that would have been a competition between two meaningless puns. Dahmer, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and God Help You, Todd! are both disturbingly rehashed and bizarre. Despite Ryan Murphy and the company’s protests that they made the show not to fixate on Jeffrey Dahmer but to give voice to the people impacted by his crimes, the first five episodes of the series did just that. However, “Silenced” serves as a fantastic vehicle for Niecy Nash’s Glenda and, for the duration of the show’s first hour, is the show Murphy imagined he was creating. — D.F. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s performance in The Man Who Fell to Earth is the most emotionally invested of any show in which no one has invested.

In terms of IP mining, Showtime made some questionable decisions this year. Gigolo Americano? Why Not Let the Right One In? A timeless cult film from 1976 directed by Nicolas Roeg that has no relevance today? What is certain is that Chiwetel Ejiofor delivers a powerful, humorous, and spectacularly physical performance that… no one saw. Instead of being quickly canceled, it should have been a shoo-in for the Emmys. Daredevil and She-sex Hulk’s scene in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is the best case for superhero sex, according to D.F.

To be fair, this is still a Disney+ show, so we only get to see a little of the bedroom action between Daredevil and She-Hulk. The two heroes of the Marvel universe sparring in the courtroom as lawyers and in the field as superheroes make for a fun and flirty episode, and Matt’s walk of shame the next day is the perfect little cherry on top. — A.H. The Worst Case Against Superhero Sexuality: Termites Among the Young

To have fun with your incredible shrinking sex partner until he sneezes himself back to full size while still lodged in your penis and spews your internal organs all over the room. A.H.’s Minx’s Centerfold Casting Call: The Most Flattering Dick Photos Ever Taken

In 2022, dicks were all over television, from Cameron’s nude antics on The White Lotus to Tommy Lee’s conversations with his johnson (voiced by Jason Mantzoukas) on Pam & Tommy to the tricks of the Euphoria youth. The casting call in the pilot episode of Minx, in which dozens of men lined up for the chance at a centerfold, may be the year’s most rousing ode to the organ. We’ll miss Bambi’s sage advice that “not all wieners are the same, babes,” and we’ll also forget HBO Max’s decision to cancel the show. Super Pumped, The Dropout, and WeCrashed Have the Worst Reputation When It Comes to CEOs Being Warned. — A.H.

A trio of shows warned about shady, volatile tech CEOs with more ego than sense, foreshadowing Elon Musk’s disastrous takeover of Twitter as one of the biggest business stories of 2022. How long before Musk follows in the footsteps of “visionaries” Travis Kalanick, Elizabeth Holmes, and Adam Neumann by becoming the subject of his star-studded, ripped-from-the-headlines prestige limited series? Opening credits of Pachinko, featuring the song “Best Thing We Keep Telling You Is One of the Best Things.” — A.H.

We enjoy the Pachinko movie’s opening sequence, but we may have already mentioned that. We have? We’ll repeat it: Pachinko’s opening credits are fantastic. I’m sorry, but out of the gazillion and some hours of television released this year, these 82 seconds, featuring a catchy tune by the Grass Roots, a neon-lit backdrop, and a parade of dancing cast members, might have been the most joyful of them all. — A.H.

John Paul Williams, the main jerk in Bad Sisters

Sharon Horgan and the rest of the Bad Sisters team face a challenging mission: how to keep the public on their side after they’ve tried to kill one of their husbands six times, with devastating results each time. While the sisters aren’t very good at murder, it’s a good thing that Claes Bang’s John Paul Williams is one of the most delightfully murderable characters in fictional history, a distressingly believable assemblage of toxic traits and disdainful attitude, so abusive, monstrous, and manipulative that he somehow can’t be killed nearly enough. — D.F.