Download Instagram Live Videos: Step-by-Step Guide for Easy Video Downloads


How to download a live video from Instagram?

Live video on Instagram has been popular alongside Stories, Posts, and IGTV. This tool lets you rapidly interact with all your followers from one screen. If you missed one, we have three ways to store Instagram live videos or download them for later viewing. Learn to plan Instagram live videos.

Instagram is the most popular photo/video platform. Instagram added reels, Stories, and IGTV in recent years. Instagram lets users livestream videos. In this video you can get information about how to Download Instagram Live Videos??

Instagram Live videos last 24 hours. Only if the broadcaster shares live video with the tales. Instagram doesn’t let users save anything.

Instagram Story, Reels, IGTV, and Live material cannot be saved or downloaded. Such issues require third-party programs. There are many Android apps for downloading Instagram videos, including live broadcasts.

Ways to Save Live Videos on Instagram.

Instagram Live: Upload and Save/Download.

You can save your Live Instagram session as a video post on Instagram or your device. Follow these simple steps to save or playback a live Instagram video you hosted on your profile.

  • Swipe left on Instagram to open the camera. Choose Live and press to start your Instagram live video.
  • To end your live video, touch the X button in the top right corner of the app.
  • After the live video, tap Share.
  • Select a cover image for your live session video and press Next. Your device’s gallery lets you change your video’s cover image.
  • Title and describe your live video and push Post to save it to your profile.
  • Your live Instagram video will be placed on your profile.
  • Download and save any Instagram post or story with this fast read.
  • Instagram Live Videos must be at least 1 minute long to save to your profile/device.

Record or download a Live Instagram video from someone else.

After saving your own Instagram Live video, save someone else’s. Thus, let’s examine two Instagram live video download ways.

Screen recording is another way to get live Instagram videos. This method lets you record live videos for free. Its drawbacks are also apparent. You’ll record screen changes, mouse movements, microphone voice, etc

You can modify the video to remove background noise. That isn’t very easy. If you can do these duties in one program, things are easy. 

Save Instagram Live using Screen Recorder.

Screen Recorder is a great way to save a live Instagram session. Most smartphones have a screen recording function, but you can also use third-party Android apps. Record a live Instagram session with a few simple steps.

This works for all streaming videos, including Instagram live videos. As the author starts broadcasting, use this method to record the live video since you may not be able to see it again on Instagram.

  • Tap the profile icon in the LIVE area of Instagram.
  • The profile’s live video starts immediately.
  • Next, record your Android phone’s screen to catch the Live Instagram video.

Download Instagram Live with Third-Party Apps.

Third-party Android apps can download Instagram Live videos by simply pasting the live video link. Follow these instructions.

  • Save the Instagram profile’s live video.
  • Select Copy Link from the bottom three-dot icon.
  • Install and launch the Instagram Video Downloader from Google Play.
  • Allow app access.
  • Paste the copied URL by pressing Paste URL.
  • The app will grab Instagram’s live video after a few seconds.
  • Press the Download button to save the live video.

Bonus Tip: Best IG Story Savers to Download Instagram Stories?

Story Savers for Instagram are one of the easiest ways to save your favorite IG stories to your device’s gallery. Log up with your Instagram account, find the profile you want to download the IG story from, then tap Save. Isn’t this simple? Instagram Story Savers include WAStickerApps Emoji Story Saver, and Story Downloader. These links install IG Stories apps.

What’s Your Favourite Way to Download and Save Someone Else’s Insta Live Video?

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How to record a live Instagram video?

Not all influencers post their Instagram Live videos thereafter. If you’re worried you’ll miss anything, record it.

A screen recorder will record the video. New iPhones and Androids come with screen recorders. Many App Store and Google Play Store apps work if yours doesn’t.

Start the screen recorder to watch the video live.

Chrome Instagram Story, a Google Chrome plugin, lets you download Insta Live videos from a PC. After searching for it and applying the extension to your browser, perform the following:

Step 1: Log into Instagram with the extension.

Step 2: Download the story.

STEP 3 Save the video to your PC by clicking the top-left “Download” button.

Where are my Instagram Live videos after the broadcast?

Unlike YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, your broadcast will disappear from your feed after you terminate it. Sharing the stream works, but it only stays on your feed for 24 hours, like any other story.

Bonus: Secretly watch an Instagram Story.

After saving an Instagram Live video, discover how to see someone’s Instagram Story without knowing. 

Wrapping up.

The three best ways to store and download live Instagram videos are over. These are Instagram live video download tips. As shown, downloading live videos is simple. 

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Why is it impossible to retrieve my Instagram live video?

After an Instagram Live broadcast has ended, you have the option to Download a Video to save the video to your device’s camera roll. However, the option is only available immediately following the addition of the broadcast.

How do you save Instagram live videos?

Follow the instructions below to learn how to obtain and store Instagram Live Videos on your mobile device:

In your browser, navigate to and log in to your account.

Install the Story IG Live Story extension for Chrome on your device.

Find the user whose Live Video you desire to download.

Click the Download icon next to the Live Video Replays once located.

From the next pop-up on your screen, you will be presented with the following options: For audio & video.

You can then click on any of the options to effortlessly download audio or video.

Where is my document stored?

Your assets will be downloaded to the default download directory.

How do I download it from my mobile device?

You can adhere to the instructions given above.

How do you obtain an Instagram video posted by someone else?

Click on the video you wish to save to the phone’s camera roll from the Instagram feed. Click the three dots at the bottom of the video, and then select “Save to Camera Roll” from the menu that appears.

How can I save Instagram Live on my computer?

Launch EaseUS Video Downloader and select “Quick Search” in the program’s sidebar. Copy and paste the URL of your live video into the search bar, and then select “Search” to load it. Step 2. Then, your video and a download button will appear; simply select “Download” to continue.