how to get 6iv ditto sun and moon?


A comprehensive guide on how to obtain a Perfect 6IV Ditto in Pokémon Sun and Moon utilizing only the in-game resources and none of the other third-party gaming resources that are available.

Step 0: Prerequisites

Doing these things first will save you time in the future.

You did manage to hatch twenty eggs, right? Congrats.

  • Produce offspring and bring at least 20 eggs from the Nursery to hatch. If you are unable to access the nursery or are unfamiliar with what it is, you may choose to reserve this post for a later time and return to playing until you are able to.
  • Conquer the Pokemon League, and you will emerge victorious. Please visit the Rotom Dex if you are not yet the champion of your faction.
  • You can discuss your case with the IV Judge once you have reached the Battle Tree on Poni Island.

Step 1: Item Procurement

Things That Are Useful in Farming are essential in order to carry out this task.

You need Leppa Berries. On Melemele Island’s Route 2, you should be able to find them. overlooking Kala’s Bay. They are also able to be discovered on Route 17 on Ula’ula Island.

It is recommended that you plant a few on Isle Aplenny in the Poké Pelago so that you can build up a sufficient quantity. You can never have too much of something. Collect all 18 plots, then continue farming. An absurd quantity should be obtained. If you find yourself wondering if you have an excessive amount, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with a physician because thinking that way is insane. The second thing you should do is continue farming.

  • Get your hands on as many Adrenaline Orbs as you possibly can. 1 Adrenaline Orb = 1 chain = 1 Ditto = 1 chance! Simply click on the site and investigate the many locations as well as the shopping details to learn how to obtain one for yourself. Buy today! Go. Do it right now.
  • Get your hands on as many Pokeballs as you possibly can. Ditto can be tricky, and there’s a chance you’ll come upon a shine. You absolutely must be ready for everything. Listen to your own instincts, whether they be practical or aesthetic. If you want to save money, you can do so by following these steps:
  • Verify that you are in possession of a Smoke Ball. Po Town on Ula’ula Island is where you’ll find it.
  • Gather some Heart Scales from the farm.

Step 2: Utility Pokemon 1

The Munchies

  • Now that you have the necessary supplies, the next step is to obtain the appropriate Pokemon. The objective is to have a Ditto with one health point that has been changed into a Pokemon that only knows the move Recycle; it must also be clutching a Leppa Berry and have had an Adrenaline orb used on it so that it has the greatest possible possibility of calling for another Ditto. You’ll need a Pokemon that knows the Recycle move in order to accomplish this.
  • Grab a Klefki at 15 percent, a Munchlax with a catch rate of 5 percent, or a Trubbish Sticky Hold with a catch rate of 30 percent.
  • Examine the leveling up moveset of the Recycle user that corresponds to you. If your Pokemon’s level is lower than the minimum need for it to learn the move Recycle, you should train it to the required level before allowing it to learn the move. If your Pokemon has moved on from the stage where Recycle can be learned, you can take it to the Move Reminder at Mount Lanakila’s Pokémon Center on Ula’ula Island and re-teach it Recycle for the price of a Heart Scale. This is only necessary if your Pokemon has already moved on from the stage where Recycle can be learned. After that, select Move Deleter from the menu.

Step 3: Utility Pokemon 2


  • Now, you’re going to have to figure out how to get a Leppa Berry onto the Wild Ditto you’re going to run into. Trick and Switcheroo are the two movements that are most capable of accomplishing this task. Because Ditto might be carrying one of its two Powder Items, the ability to Bestow is not activated.
  • If you wish to Trick the Leppa Berry, you will need to use either a Kadabra or an Alakazam, or a Sableye that has been bred with a Kadabra and has learned the egg move Trick from breeding with one of those Pokémon. To obtain a Kadabra, first, you must develop an Abra; then you must train the Kadabra to level 16 before allowing it to evolve into a Kadabra; finally, you must train the Kadabra to level 46 so that it may learn Trick. I really hope you were able to bring one up throughout your run. If you have a Kadabra or Alakazam that is higher level than level 46, then you can teach it Trick again at the Move Reminder if you want it to.
  • You have the option of using Switcheroo if you did not successfully raise a Kadabra or if you do not choose to do so. It is available to a considerably greater variety of Pokemon in-game, with many of them being able to learn it as an egg move. You can skip over this step if you already have it on a Pokemon that was created through breeding.
  • Hypno 20 percent is the easiest way, but Alolan Persian is another if you captured and reared an Alolan Meowth. However, it’s a friendship evolution, so you’ll need to catch it in a Friend or Luxury Ball and have a Tauro ride it, give it berries, and pamper it. When you have either Pokemon, take it to the Move Reminder and have it relearn Switcheroo. After that, give it a Leppa Berry to hold while you give it another one to eat.

Step 4: Utility Pokemon 3

The Beatdown

  • Bringing the first Ditto you encounter down to a low health level will enhance the likelihood that it will call for reinforcements (E for Everyone). You will need it to remain alive and unaffected by any status effects so that it can continue to call its family members and watch as they are all destroyed. You’ll need a Pokemon that has both a high physical attack stat and the ability to utilize False Swipe in order to complete this challenge. You can teach it either False Swipe or your choice. Raise its level so that it can participate in the battle. Then you should win.

Step 6: Preparation Heal.

  • Take a plane to Mount Hokulani on the island of Ula’ula. At the Pokémon Center, you can get your Pokemon healed.
  • You should put your Recycle user at the front of the party and give them the Smoke Ball.
  • Check to see that the player who is using Trick or Switcheroo is holding a Leppa Berry.
  • Provide the False Swiper with some leftovers for it to hold.
  • Verify that the items in your inventory are available, as instructed in step 1. Make any necessary adjustments.
  • Save your game.

Step 7: I’m ready!

  • Leave the Pokemon Center, head down Route 10, and after a little while, go through the first patch of grass. If you don’t find a Ditto, you have to keep running, washing your hands, and trying again until you do. 10 percent Encounter
  • As soon as you spot a Ditto, you should utilize an Adrenaline Orb right away. It is most likely that it will be a Limber Ditto, and as a result, it will take at least one turn for it to transition into your recycling user.
  • Once Ditto has completed its transformation, you should switch to your Trickster or Switcheroo user. You can offer the Ditto the Leppa Berry by using Trick or Switcheroo on the turn after that.
  • Then proceed to switch over to your user for False Swipe. During the turn after that, use False Swipe on Ditto until it has only one health remaining.
  • It would be best if Ditto sought assistance. When it does, you are to eliminate the Ditto that is approaching. Maintain a record of how many you knock out.
  • During turns in which there is no Ditto, you have the option of passing your turn by attacking Ditto with False Swipe, switching Pokemon, or using consumable items.
  • When you have a chain of 30, you are allowed to catch any of the Ditto that is coming in after you. You have to knock off the first Ditto that you face before you can catch the Ditto that was asked for.
  • After you have captured a Ditto, you can examine its statistics by selecting “Judge” in the summary section of the Pokemon’s PC. You have the option of adding it to your party, checking its summary before putting it in the box, or sending it to the box if your party is already at capacity.
  • Repeat endlessly until you feel content with the results. You might find it helpful to use the markings to indicate which stats on your Ditto and the rest of your Pokemon in general order from left to right are excellent using the markings. HP is represented by a circle, ATK by a triangle, DEF by a square, SPA by a heart, SPD by a star, and SPE by a diamond.