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Websites that host the KAT torrent file sharing protocol. Torrent Sites That Are the Best

There are new proxies and alternatives to Kickass Torrents on the new website, which has reopened.

The popular BitTorrent site Kickass Torrents was shut down by US authorities after ArtemVaulin, the site’s owner, was arrested for hosting copyrighted material in July 2017. (KAT cr).

To date, the largest piracy hotbed has been established only after The Pirate Bay was shut down.

Domain and Proxies for Kickass Torrents:

There is a new torrent website from that looks exactly like the Kickass site. Movies, TV shows, music, and software can all be found on this site via torrents and magnet links. The Pirate Bay and Isohunt have been blocked by Australian internet service providers, citing copyright laws. There have been several mirror sites claiming to be the reincarnation of KickassTorrent since the original site was shut down earlier this year.

A few KickAss proxy sites are listed below:


Many KickassTorrent mirrors and proxy servers may contain malicious copycats. This is something to keep in mind. 

According to KAT, the original operators of Kickass Torrent will be allowed to go free as well.

BitTorrent client software is required if you are unfamiliar with how to download files from the BitTorrent network.

You can get uTorrent from the official website, install it, and then use torrent trackers to download magnet links or.torrent files for automatic downloads.

Once you’ve downloaded the files, be sure to scan them with a current version of an antivirus program before using them. You should also only use files that have been released by well-known members of the community.

Apart from that, comments and ratings on torrent websites can tell you whether the shared file is original or has been infected with viruses in the past.

One of BitTorrent’s most popular features is its ability to download large video files.

KickAss Torrents:

KAT, or KickassTorrents, has long been a popular destination for those looking to download torrents. Over a million people visited the site every day because it allowed them to download copyrighted software and movies for free. 

However, despite claiming to follow the DMCA and to remove any reported copyrighted content, the KickassTorrents team never followed through, and as a result, the site was taken down.

Can we expect a return of the original KickAss Torrents website soon?

In our opinion, the first website will never come back. The US government banned the site many years ago.

Since the first owner of the domain was evicted, the KAT website may reappear under a new domain name. What are the chances that it has already happened without our knowledge?

Torrent Sites LikeKickAss:

  • TorLock –
  • The Pirate Bay –
  • iDope –
  • 1337x –
  • Yify Torrent / YTS –
  • ExtraTorrent –

There are a number of other KickAssTorrent alternatives and Internet archives that people have discovered while searching for KAT cr. We oppose all forms of copyright infringement, but in the meantime, here are a few of the most popular alternatives that people on social media are sharing:

The Pirate Bay:

The PirateBay is the best alternatives to KickAss Torrents. Many ISPs, however, have blocked it and its mirrored domains due to concerns about copyright infringement.

Even so, users are still able to access the website via VPN or proxy service to avoid service provider restrictions.

PirateBay is a worldwide popular torrent search engine. TPB includes magnet links for software, movies, and music that is illegally obtained.


1337x is a great torrent download site if you enjoy Pirate Bay and KickAss.

Because of its long history, the P2P file-sharing site is trustworthy and well-known. Thirteen Seventy-Eight has a simple search bar with no fancy design like KickAssTorrent.

Additionally, you can conduct a category-based search for torrent files and magnet links. To find the most popular torrents on the website, visit the Top 100 section.


When it comes to downloading high-resolution torrent files and magnet links, TorLock is one of the best torrenting sites out there.

In addition to movies, music, games, software, and more, Torlock is a one-stop-shop for all of your entertainment needs.

Torlock’s official motto is “No Fakes Torrent Site,” and the site only lists torrents that have been verified to be genuine. One of the site’s features is a $1 reward for identifying fake torrents.


It’s a new site for downloading movies and torrents. Although it allows you to find anything you’re looking for, it also states that it never keeps track of its users. There is a great alternative to kickass torrents called iDope.

“A tribute to KickassTorrent,” proclaims the iDope homepage’s torrent indexer bar. There’s even an iDope plugin for Chrome and an iDope app for Android. 


These include ExtraTorrent, which is a good replacement for KickAssTorrent.

ExtraTorrent was a well-known and highly regarded torrent site in its day. However, on May 17, 2017, the extratorrent went offline with a message that it had been shut down. Using a new domain, ExtraTorrent has made a triumphant return.

Users prefer to hide their IP addresses and access KickAss through proxy sites because the government monitors the BitTorrent protocol.

There is, however, no legal way to download movies currently in theatres for free.

Legal methods for watching high-quality movies online should be pursued.