Tasia Alexis Vine Star Discloses Her Eight-Month Prison Term


Tasia Alexis Vine star was one of the most well-known contributors of material to the platform.

She disappeared from social media once Vine was shut down, and no one knew where she went until today. No one knew where Tasia Alexis went.

Tasia Alexis Vine star, who gained prominence on other social media platforms including Vine and Instagram before joining TikTok, is an example of a star who has a life outside of her online persona. Tasia Alexis joined TikTok in 2018.

Tasia Alexis Vine Star Reveals Her Imprisonment For Eight Months

Tasia is now providing more details about the private aspects of her life.

TikTok’s predecessor, Vine, was a platform that was quite similar to what TikTok is now.

The social networking website based in the United States that allowed users to upload comedic clips of varying lengths shared a similar design aesthetic and enjoyed massive levels of user engagement online.

Tasia Alexis Vine Star Reveals Her Imprisonment For Eight Months

Tasia Alexis Hussey is a social media celebrity who rose to notoriety after publishing videos on Vine’s video-sharing platform. She is also known by the moniker “Tasia from Vine.”

She was one of the most popular creators on Vine and had more than 3 million followers until the service was shut down in 2016.

After that, she moved all of her followers over to Instagram, where she has continued to be a prominent content generator.

On the other hand, followers were perplexed when she started posting less frequently on the site. After that, she casually dropped the news that she was having a kid before hurriedly leaving the room.

She is now a TikTok superstar with over 1.3 million followers, and she has revealed the reason why she disappeared; she was incarcerated.

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In the month of November, Tasia disclosed to her audience on TikTok a significant fact about her past by stating that she had previously been incarcerated.

As the former social media star began to post less frequently on Instagram, many people began to wonder if something might be wrong with her.

Tasia had stopped blogging since she had been arrested in February of that year. On November 11th, she uploaded a video titled “before and after,” in which she displayed a photograph of herself from prison and then compared it to pictures of her life now.

On November 22nd, she uploaded another video to her channel with the tagline “Prison Diaries” after receiving a number of inquiries from her devoted followers over the mugshot.

She posted some films that proved she was imprisoned and provided insight into how she passed her time behind bars.

At the beginning of January, she shared in a new video the story of her time in prison, in which she discussed topics such as how she managed to maintain her hairstyle inside bars.

Despite this, she never explained why she was being held in custody.

Over 15 million people have liked Tasia’s posts on TikTok, and she currently has more than 2 million followers on the platform.

Even though she may have spent some time behind bars, it seems as though she has made a full recovery in the years since her release.

According to the log maintained by the Newton County Jail, Tasia was taken into custody on February 9th, 2019, and charged with “possession of methamphetamine” as well as “forgery.”

Tasia Alexis Vine Star Reveals Her Imprisonment For Eight Months

She was only 20 years old at the time, but she revealed in a video that she posted to TikTok that she had been locked up for a total of eight months.

Despite the fact that Tasia’s life has taken a few turns that she did not anticipate during her time on Vine, she has shown that she is still capable of being a social media celebrity through the videos that she posted after that time.