World Cup 2022: Samuel Eto’o’s predictions are completely irrational


World Cup 2022: Samuel Eto’o’s predictions are completely irrational, The Cameroonian striker made predictions for first through fourth in each of the eight groups, and some significant surprises are included.

Eto believes that Cameroon and Morocco will play in the championship game, which sums up how absurd his predictions are.

Actually, no.

We described how Eto’o foresaw a Cameroon triumph earlier this month.

“Africa has always had the potential to host a good World Cup, but up until now, we haven’t always put our best foot forward,” he remarked.

“African teams have gained more and more experience over the years, and I believe they are now prepared to not just compete in a World Cup but to win it.

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“Cameroon will defeat Morocco in the World Cup final.”

Eto’o’s complete predictions have since surfaced.

The group phases will be discussed first.

Eto’o’s World Cup group stage predictions

Group A: Senegal is the group leader, demonstrating Eto’o’s African bias. More astonishingly, though, he places Ecuador in fourth place, ahead of the Netherlands in third.

Group B: It’s not a huge surprise that England won Group B, but Iran’s victory over the United States and Wales in second place is.

Group C: In this case, we agree with Eto’o. Argentina will undoubtedly finish first in Group C, with Mexico and Poland vying for second place ahead of Saudi Arabia.

Group D: Eto’o is back to work. Although Tunisia moving on before Denmark would be a great surprise, he has France winning the group.

Group E: Germany, Spain, Japan, and Costa Rica make up Group E. There are none here.

Group F: Morocco winning Group F ahead of Belgium and Croatia? Eto’o shouts loudly.

Group G: Although Brazil is the tournament favorite, Eto’o believes that his country would finish ahead of them there.

Group H: Eto’o has recommended Ghana over Uruguay to advance from Group H.

Eto’o’s World Cup knockout predictions


Iran was defeated by Senegal, thus that’s fair.

Tunisia defeated Argentina—definitely not…

Germany was defeated by Belgium; there isn’t much to say about this.

In the contest between two African teams, Cameroon defeated Ghana. Eto’o is surprised to think they won’t both prevail.

No words can describe Qatar’s victory over England.

There was no surprise that France defeated Poland.

Wow, Morocco defeated Spain.

Portugal defeated Brazil; what a matchup in the round of 16! A shock would also result from Portugal defeating Brazil.


Senegal defeated Tunisia and unexpectedly advanced to the round of four.

Cameroon defeated Belgium, advancing Eto’o’s home nation to the semifinals.

Qatar was defeated by France, and as a result, the hosts are eliminated.

Morocco defeated Portugal; did it defeat Portugal first, then Spain? Honest play


Cameroon won over Senegal. Cameroon wins the all-African semifinal match.

Morocco defeated France and will play Cameroon in the championship game.

Third-place playoff

Of course, Senegal defeated France.


Cameroon defeated Morocco thanks to Eto’o The winning team in the final was Cameroon.

We’re in store for a fantastic World Cup if Eto’o’s predictions come true.

We suspect that the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation may be slightly partial, though.